When we aren’t helping clients with business, real estate, and construction disputes, Mr. Afsar is an automotive enthusiast. We have brought together our passion for cars with our business lawyering skill to provide high quality legal services to the aftermarket automotive and manufacturing industry. We are attorneys passionate about cars looking to connect with similarly minded business owners. With cars as a common passion, we provide better service, hold a deeper understanding of your legal issues, and remain focused on exceptional client results.

Afsar Law Group can provide assistance with everything that impacts your aftermarket automotive and manufacturing business across the United States and abroad. We consult with clients on everything from establishing new business entities, corporations, and LLCs to lease reviews, employment matters, and intellectual property. We handle manufacturing agreements, foreign and domestic, as well as a client-first and outcome-focused approach to obtaining patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade dress registrations internationally. Our team of professionals will go to court to protect your intellectual property rights and advise on cost-effective alternatives to litigation. We match your needs with the right attorney to protect and enhance your business. No matter what problems may arise, we can help.

  • We improved the aftermarket automotive attorney-client relationship.
  • We build long term attorney-client relationships and share your passion for cars.
  • We focus our relationship on your legal needs, decisive guidance, and we stay outcome driven.
  • We make creative settlements to help avoid unnecessary costs and risks.
  • We never succumb to frivolous litigation.
  • We zealously advocate for our clients always making sure their voices are heard.
  • We provide the legal guidance you need to reach and exceed your goals.